Nilton de Avila Reis, MD.

CRM: 115852/SP | RQE 32621

I can categorically say that studying has been a huge part of my life.

I was born and raised in a small countryside city of Minas Gerais state, where I completed my elementary and high school.

I grew up in an educational and learning environment. My mother was a public school teacher and my father worked in the human resources department of a public university.

I was always encouraged by my parents and older sister to keep studying.

I have also believed that knowledge was the safer way to create opportunities and concrete possibilities to improve in my life.

Taking my sister’s example, first physician of the family, I also applied myself to study medicine.

I was approved by UNICAMP, UNESP and Santa Casa.

I decided to study and live in Campinas, city of UNICAMP.

During my medicine graduation, I dedicate part of my time to perform scientific research in the molecular genetics area.

I was granted 2 different scientific scholarships and some university and national scientific awards.

After I have finished my graduation in medicine, I faced another challenge: dermatology medical residence.

I applied and was accepted by USP, UNICAMP, UNIFESP/Escola Paulista de Medicina and Hospital do Servidor Público Municipal. I chose Hospital das Clínicas - FMUSP.

When I finished my residence at HC-USP, I decided to reinforce my dermatologic surgery skills with a fellowship in dermatologic and cosmetic surgery at Faculdade de Medicina do ABC.

Looking for new insights and international rotation, I applied and I was granted an international scholarship by the International Society of Dermatology.

I chose to fellowship in some important american medicine centers such as Dermsurgery Associates, MD Anderson Hospital, Baylor University, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Brigham Women´s Hospital/Harvard Medical School e University of Miami.

When I came back to Brazil, I became a member of Sírio Libanês, Albert Einstein, Oswaldo Cruz and Samaritano hospitals.

Moreover, I founded Clínica Doppio, a hair clinic locate at Sao Paulo, where I currently work most of my time.

Nilton de Avila Reis, MD.