Hair Loss Treatment

The treatment of baldness is now a reality.

Baldness has been accepted as a permanent condition for a long time.

Recently, scientific knowledge has allowed discoveries regarding medications and medical devices which has brought new perspectives to prevention and treatment of baldness.

Treatment of Hair Loss: considerations

Hair treatment in Doppio Clinic is divided according to the patient’s needs.

At first, a complete hair and health check-up is done by a hair specialist doctor.

After the initial evaluation, the patient will be educated about the causes of hair loss and treatment options.

The treatment will depend on the causes and degree of baldness.

The use of medications and medical devices is recommended to patients with mild or moderate baldness.

Both men and women are suitable for this type of treatment, except those who present permanent or cicatricial alopecia.

The treatment of patients with androgenetic alopecia depends on the degree of thinning hair.

With the progression of androgenetic alopecia in both men and women, the hair gradually loses the capacity to respond to the treatment.

Therefore, the sooner you diagnose your hair problem, the better your chances to get your hair back.

The correct use of medications and medical devices increases the chances of recovering the hair volume.

To get your hair back means to be free to style it as you have always wanted.

Treatment of baldness: steps

In the first consultation, a hair specialist doctor will perform a complete hair and health check-up.

After the initial evaluation, you will be educated about the causes of your hair loss and treatment options.

The steps of the first consultation are:

  • Complete medical evaluation
  • Examination of hair and scalp 
  • Blood tests, as necessary
  • Identification of causes of hair loss
  • Diagnose
  • Proposal of treatment according to the diagnose and degree of hair loss 

The number of sessions and the products to be used depend on not only the first consultation, but also on the evolution of the hair treatment.

Because of that, the treatment protocols include periodic doctor consultations to make adjustments and guarantee a better follow-up.

Another important aspect of the medical follow-up is to determine the limit of your recovery capability.

Once your hair reaches the maximum response of the treatment, two options are available: maintenance treatment or hair scalp reconstruction.

Treatment of baldness: scalp reconstruction

When the hair is too thin and the scalp is very apparent, the traditional treatment is inefficient, which can cause distress and anxiety.

The identification of advanced baldness at the first medical consultation helps you save time and money.

Once stablished your hair is unlikely to be recovered by traditional treatment, the best option is to reconstruct your hair scalp.

The scalp reconstruction can be done by surgery, through different hair transplant techniques, or non-surgical, through a variety of methods.


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How to proceed with my treatment of baldness?

Considering that baldness is a progressive condition and there is effective hair treatment, you should look for a hair specialist doctor as soon as you noticed the first signs of baldness or hair loss.

The likelihood of successful hair treatment is increased the sooner that you notice hair loss and treat it.

Doppio Clinic has an appropriate infrastructure to evaluate and treat your hair loss. 

Doppio Clinic is headed by a hair loss specialist physician who leads a team of professionals prepared to help with your hair problems.


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