Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss, it is necessary to clarify that hair shedding is part of the normal hair cycle.

It is common to find hair after showering, combing or blow drying your hair.

However, if the hair shedding is intense, it is recommended to talk to a doctor.

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    Hair Cycle

    Information about the normal hair cycle can help you understand the normal amount of hair which is expected to shed daily.

    The hair cycle is divided in phases as follows.

    Hair Cycle

    Hair shedding

    Hair shedding rate: what is the normal daily hair shedding rate?

    The calculation of the hair shedding rate respects the proportion of hair among hair cycle phases.

    There are 100 to 150 thousand hair follicles in the scalp, divided as follows:

    • Anagen phase: 80-90%
    • Telogen phase: 10-20%
    • Catagen phase: 1-2%


    Considering there is 10% of the hair in the telogen phase, it is expected from 10 to 15 thousand hair follicles to shed during this phase.

    Since the telogen phase lasts 3 to 5 months, it is equivalent to 3 thousand follicles shedding monthly.

    Dividing 3 thousand hair follicles by 30 days, it finally gets the rate of 100 hair follicles per day.

    Therefore, it is normal to shed 100 hair follicles per day.

    When there are more than 100 hair follicles shedding per day, it is necessary to look for possible causes of excessive hair loss.

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