Doppio is a medical clinic specializing in hair treatment .

Located in Sao Paulo, in a neighborhood called Moema, Doppio Clinic is a referral center for prevention and treatment of different causes of hair loss. Doppio clinic provide modern and effective methods to recuperate your hair and self-esteem.


How to identify the cause of

Hair loss?

Médico especialista em cabelo

Specialized medical consultation

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Hair and scalp examination

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Blood tests

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how Can we


A hair specialist physician help you to get the diagnose of different causes of hair loss and scalp diseases.

understanding your hair problem

checking your hair and scalp conditions

identifying causes of shedding and hair loss 

getting the proper diagnosis

planning your treatment based on your diagnosis


One of the first signs of male baldness is scalp exposure after swimming or showering, with difficulty combing the hair.

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There are a lot of causes of female hair loss. The reduction of hair volume or scalp exposure can be the first signs of female pattern hair loss.

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