Your hair is part of your identity.
Treat it properly!
Doppio is a medical clinic
specializing in hair treatment

Located in Sao Paulo, in a neighborhood called Moema, Doppio Clinic is a referral center for prevention and treatment of different causes of hair loss.

Doppio Clinic provides modern and effective methods to recuperate your hair and self-esteem.

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About Doppio Clinic

Doppio Clinic is located in Moema, a Sao Paulo neighborhood close to Congonhas Airport and Ibirapuera Park.

It is easy to get to the Clinic, as it is situated close to several main streets and also to Moema subway station.
Our building has parking lot with parking valet service.

The Clinic was designed to offer comfort and privacy. The treatment sessions are perfomed in private rooms equipped with personal audivisual entertainment.

We also have specific technology to improve diagnosis and optimize treatment.

How to identify the cause of hair loss?

How to identify the cause of hair loss?

Specialized hair medical consultation

Hair and scalp examination

Blood tests

How can we help you?

A hair specialist physician helps you to get the diagnosis of different causes of hair loss and scalp diseases.

✓ Understanding your hair problem
✓ Checking your hair and scalp conditions
✓ Identifying causes of shedding and hair loss
✓ Getting the proper diagnosis
✓ Planning your treatment based on your diagnosis

Male Hair

One of the first signs of male baldness is scalp exposure after swimming or showering, with difficulty combing the hair.

Female Hair

There are a lot of causes of female hair loss. The reduction of hair volume or scalp exposure can be the first signs of female pattern hair loss.

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According to the Ethical Committee of Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine, pictures of patients are not allowed to be exposed in the site.